World Population at 8 a.m., Wed, Sep 20 2017 in California was
7 billion, 795 million, 405 thousand, 583,

well past the "tipping point" and still exploding toward

    Any date : A  never-ending cover-up  by media loyal to their rich,  GROWTH  loving owners may fool you, but, certainly due to endless GROWTH of human POPULATION, habitat, business, and dependence on excess and often toxic technology - the eco-system we CAN'T live without is NOW collapsing.
   Q: So why is the GRAVITY, EXTENT and CAUSE of this crisis being covered up?   A: Continued profit flow depends on continued GROWTH and the insiders who run the world don't want you to think about stopping GROWTH, no matter what it does to the world we live in. SO, WHILE OUR ECO-WORLD COLLAPSES, nothing is being done about it, and no politician, media chief, or scientist has the wit or courage to talk about anything but the weather.
   Our entire eco-world is CERTAINLY COLLAPSING NOW BECAUSE OF TOXIC OVERGROWTH.   We're NOW adding hundreds of people a minute, hundreds of thousands a day, a million every three days, and OVER a billion a decade, and THAT GROWTH ITSELF GOES ON GROWING, in spite of the con- venient 1992 metaphysical fantasies of embedded "scientists" about IRRELEVANT PERCENTAGE growth rates,   because REAL human NUMBERS keep going up faster from a REALLY EVER-GROWING NUMERICAL BASE, as do the consequences.  Current buzz references to "climate change," may be more than language abuse, but they're only about symptoms.
-Glen Roberts
   Estimates of how many more humans are born than die derived from U. of NC's World Population Clock.

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Unspinning Official Stories
-by Glen Roberts

   10 Jun 2016:   "Will you play upon this pipe?" Hamlet asked the American media - I mean Guildenstern. " are the stops."
   But his supposed friend, whom he suspected of conning him for the rich American insiders - I mean the king of Denmark - said he couldn't manage the stops. "I have not the skill."
   And Hamlet said, "You would seem to know my you think I am easier to be played on than a pipe?"
   The allusion isn't perfect. The embedded media do pretend to be the voters' friends rather than pipers calling their tunes, but the voters are easier to fool than Hamlet, and the media do know their stops and do play them well, like a gallery of flutes.
   So the song both the media and the suckers are still singing about Barack Obama, even though he gave us nothing but overpriced insurance and only called it health care, even though he's  continued

Using 20/20 Brain Vision
-by Glen Roberts

   What's 20/20 brain vision? An essential trait for honest truth seekers, which some people have and use or try to use and others at least don't use. I don't mean "common sense," since, without some kind of brain cataract surgery (this site, maybe), its use is not only not common, most common humans seem to be avoiding it. I'm a compulsive truth teller not a crusader seeking allies, so I won't be diplomatic about this.
   I think 20/20 brain vision is just the rare but normal capacity of a properly functioning brain, maybe all I've got, but which (with my mastery of English and all my real-world experience, travel and social, political, economic, ecological, and philosophical study and involvement) enables me to define and connect (NOT all but) an effective set of key concepts that all realists should (but may not) understand.
   Do you actively have or are you just suppressing your own 20/20 brain vision? If you SEE the most basic truth, that what is is and what is not is not, maybe. But if you can't tell the concepts what is and what seems to be and blind faith apart, maybe not. Test yourself by carefully reading the definitions and notes) below and also my New Rap Poems and Other Honest Outbursts.

To Uncover Reality Instead

Any American can go to Cuba
as his own reporter

  10 Mar 2016:   On his very late first visit to Cuba next week, Barack Obama will pretend to start letting more Americans go there, but lots of Americans smarter than him have already gone.
   This CORRECT explanation of the crookedly contrived (and much ignored) law illegally restricting Americans' right to travel to Cuba, first posted here 12 years ago (in 2004), NOW, coincidentally, also unscrambles misinformation U.S. media are drumming in connection with Obama's visit and have been drumming at you since Dec 2014 to conveniently but falsely support their new pose as authorities on a place they've so completely covered up for 50 years that they know little about it that they haven't incestuously learned from themselves.   -Glen Roberts (Jan 2015)

Most Cubans choose socialism

    On a 6-week 2002 tour of Cuba, I surveyed 100 random Cubans about a petition reportedly signed by 98% of eligible voters to lock socialism into their constitution after George Bush accused Cuba of bio-terrorism involvement and Jimmy Carter refuted the lie from Cuba but also urged Cubans to "reform" their system.   Survey Intro, Interviews 1-17 Havana, 18-48 Baracoa, 49-73 on the road, 74-89 Cienfuegos, 90-100 Havana.

"Cuban Notebooks" -by Glen Roberts

Begun on-line in 2004 during my 5th trip to Cuba, this slowly composed E-book was meant to be finished during an 8th trip I haven't made YET, so it's still a bit scrambled, but you can read any posted chapter just by clicking the chapter number below. Foreword One Two Three Four
Six Seven Eight Nine Ten
Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen

Cuban high school students pack the gazebo at Parque Marti in Cienfuegos


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THREE APRIL 2005 LETTERS FROM CUBA: Self-syndicated and offered
on the dates indicated to various U.S. media I knew wouldn't print them.
    Human Rights in Cuba, April 14 from Havana - CLICK
    Viva y Habla Fidel!, April 22 from Cienfuegos - CLICK
    Elections in Cuba, April 29 from Havana - CLICK.

In the summer and fall of '04, already familiar with Mexico and Central America and, to some extent, with Cuba, I toured eight South American countries, to more effectively continue comparing what American media were then calling the "emerging western style free enterprise democracies" to Cuba, which those same not-very-free media always dutifully called "the only country in the hemisphere still not free." Since then, in a story blacked out for Americans by their not-very-free media, most of those countries, refusing to go on being arm-twisted by the US into censuring Cuba, are now beginning to follow Cuba's lead away from the US business-oriented government model toward "socially oriented" government. But in 2004, I learned more certainly what I already knew, that it should have been Cuba censuring the countries I was visiting, since, in 2004 (though, thanks initially to Hugo Chavez, things are now slowly changing), only Cuba was free then of the oppressive attributes I found everywhere else in Latin America.
    From Maracaibo - CLICK
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Notes To Nowhere, No One, No Avail
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