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    I hope that works. If it doesn't, I may give up on e-mail and just get a P.O. box. I"m getting tired of e-mail services that try to be more than they need to be. Anyway, I'm actually only talking to myself these days, neither seeking nor rejecting input, posting my soliloquies on the net for reasons clearly explained on my new front page, about things often equivocated and lied about but usually off limits to public conversation. I'm not trying to save or persuade the world. I gave that up in 1970 and again in 1990, though I am still posting the world population every day (as the NY Times should do) to keep my regular news reporting status intact, to license another trip to Cuba, if I decide I can manage that.
    I AM (Oct,2017 - Jan,2018) changing the nature of my site right now, and I might as well start with a new provider and a new e-mail address. Maybe I can find somebody who deals with their clients in English.
   Since 2004, I have been reporting objectively on places I've been, for readers (like the girl in "Missing") tired of embedded media lies. But, all along, I've also been very uniquely realistically, coherently, carefully articulating all the facets of a realistic philosophy for myself and, collaterally, if it happens, for others capable of getting it. Now I'm specializing in realism.

    BUT, if other equally objective and coherent philosophers find this site, and want to initiate a posted dialogue, it'll have to be in good English. NO texters, tweeters, or macho blusterers will be welcome, and Miami gusanos will be ignored. I always sign and take credit for my own words, I studiously refuse to read unsigned "editorials" in the newspapers, I'll never become another lumpen blog-board and, IF I decide to do any e-debating, I won't post unsigned material. While people without self suspicion probably shouldn't write, anyone who'd be embarrassed to be caught saying what he, for some reason, wants to say, definitely shouldn't write, either. Writing honestly is a more certainly courageous undertaking than war, and every writer should know that going in.
    I recently found two web-pages (look up anti-social images) (one more conservative, one more p.c.) full of colorful logo/slogans, some brilliant, some not-very-brilliant, posted by people as tired of the oppressive omnipresence of social media as I am. Ironically, several on the more conservative page, said, "I'm not anti-social, just anti-stupid," while, just as ironically, the more p.c. page selectively avoided THAT idea. I have to acknowledge that I am both anti-social (which is why there's no row of social media symbols at the top of this page) AND anti-stupid. But I'm still here, all alone and right out in the open.