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Eco-system or Eco-world

     The eco-system or eco-world, NOT the planet, NOT the globe, but nevertheless our world, is a complex CONSTRUCT of substances and conditions (including obviously more than the right temperature) draped over the planet, extending a little below and a little above the surface, like a slightly inflated baggy, without which the thin surface smear of living vegetable and animal scum called life on earth cannot survive.
    It's not a delicate construct. It's even self adjusting, and the fate of any specific individual species or element isn't necessarily critical. But the over-all construct, which rides the planet (or globe) like a passenger (as we do), is certainly more vulnerable than the planet it clings to, its viability as a life host DOES ultimately depend on its proportionate make-up as a construct, and with one cancerous ingredient (humanity, their encampment, and all its side effects, not just so-called global warming*) already way overgrown and still growing wildly out of control, our eco-world, as a system, as a CONSTRUCT is obviously crashing.
-Glen Roberts

*It's the eco-system, the eco-world, not the globe, that MAY BE (on average, let's say), according to supposedly objective book-keepers who supposedly keep track of daily temperatures here, there, and maybe something like everywhere, steadily warming OR currently (let's say) undergoing an extreme fluctuation in average temperature and weather variation (certainly along with other important things going wrong with it ). See Eco Analysis.