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Unspinning Official Stories 2017

   27 Jun 2017: This website has changed after 10 years of more or less regular news commentary, this will (probably) be the last "Unspinning Official Stories" post. The only reason for this last post is to repeat myself and tell you AGAIN, that whatever the nerds, the currently embedded "scientists," or your never changing misleaders and THEIR leaders say, the ONLY way you can "save" your world now is NOT by unchanging the climate with MORE FUCKING technology BUT BY REDUCING HUMAN POPULATION AND ENDING CAPITALISM. Of course, I'll keep telling you THAT because, whether you like being told that or not, that IS the truth about which you are in your most stupid and stubbornly on-and-on-and-ongoing denial. I'm not wrong. You're wrong!
   For instance, I didn't decide to change this site NOW from a newsgathering journal to a fixed guide to realistic thinking because I was embarrassed by any failure on my part as a misfortune teller. In my last pre-election "Unspinning Official Stories" post, in June, 2016, I correctly predicted that the American lumpen would follow orders from insider owned media and elect Hillary Clinton as their first woman president, which they did.
  BUT, I didn't anticipate that an insiders' star chamber would then cancel that election and appoint another more business friendly moron in place of a mainly self-friendly crook, but I did correctly predict that the supposedly (YIPPEE!!) democratic American masses would obediently stay on social media and off the streets (i.e. accept the double-cross without any effective complaint) and that the election would be followed by the "same ol' same ol'" supposedly democratic comedy, which, unless you're as unconscious as you pretend, you know very well it has. U.S. Media will go right on calling the election tune, nobody will ever win but the rich (until Mother Nature wins). The oil will keep overflowing; all the same wars will go on and on. America may never get socialized medicine. Everybody, ironically including the rich, will go on dying without ever even sensibly trying to make this tired overloaded old world into at least a better place to die in.

Unspinning Official Stories 2016

   10 Jun 2016:   "Will you play upon this pipe?" Hamlet asked the American media - I mean Guildenstern. " are the stops."
   But his supposed friend, whom he suspected of conning him for the rich American insiders - I mean the king of Denmark - said he couldn't manage the stops. "I have not the skill."
   And Hamlet said, "You would seem to know my you think I am easier to be played on than a pipe?"
   The allusion isn't perfect. The embedded media do pretend to be the voters' friends rather than pipers calling their tunes, but the voters are easier to fool than Hamlet, and the media do know their stops and do play them well, like a gallery of flutes.
   Yeah. There's been some change - just not much. There's something rotten in the social media, after all, which are supposed to have liberated American voters but which are also minded by nerds just as rich and therefore just as rigidly loyal to the establishment as Clinton; and now the more social but just as stupid electorate (whom the social media have mainly just kept in off the streets) are still a million miles from the level of progressive awareness that might free them from long embedded media mind control and very quickly just as embedded social media mind control.
   I was wrong last year (8 July 2015) when I anticipated, in place of the half-smart totally-timid fast-wearing-me-out buzz slogans: global warming and climate change, the long long overdue but surely finally impending rise of some not just buzzy but justifiably angry REALISTIC protests like Hey! Fuck all this supposedly wonderful growth! There's too many people!, and Pay attention! We're not just short of water! The eco-world we live in is comprehensively collapsing!, and Enough already of this damned win-win-lose-lose-lose-lose economic scam for the suckers! End capitalism!, and Hell no! We won't go on supporting profit-protecting foreign wars! and Come on! Let's finally get all the gods out of government! It didn't happen! It's not happening! I was wrong.
   And I was wrong again last week to suggest that the insiders "fear(ed)" an American uprising. No, they didn't need to. The just completed primaries prove the insiders have had control as always. Taking advantage of American half understanding of issues at exactly their own level, they reinforced all the nonsense about democracy by telling the voters they could choose between a whole three permissible candidates perfectly win-lose-lose guaranteed, convinced the suckers that they (the media) were free enough to headline a very-slightly progressive candidate (as long as nobody EVER heard more than a carefully selected word or two about any issues he might or might not raise), and completely satisfied the ALWAYS completely happy-to-be-cheated lumpen voters AGAIN by fulfilling a comfortably simple-minded but sacred contract they (the insider-owned media) had with the said lumpen to follow America's first (YAY!) black president with America's first (YAY!) woman president (pre-selected eight years ago to win this year's staged-as-always election). DOUBLE WOW!
   Sorry, folks, but that IS it: another eight years of same ol' same ol' is yours for the accepting without asking or EVER questioning.
-Glen Roberts

No uprising in America

   2 Jun 2016:   With primary elections seemingly going out of whack (not really), there's definitely a fear growing in America of a popular uprising by rebellious voters demanding better candidates and (WHAT?) change? And even the media's chosen candidate is so scared, she's suddenly declaring herself (fingers crossed behind her back) the candidate for CHANGE. WOW! She must have forgotten or she's confident the voters will have forgotten that, after Obama weaseled his way into office on the strength of the mere words, hope and change, there was never any further sign of any hope for change until a few months ago, after Vladimir Putin pulled the war-lord rug from under his feet, and the guy with more wars going on than any previous president suddenly became a pacifist - but THEN - after falling on his face in Havana - scurried directly down to Buenos Aires and cozied up to the neo-fascists recently (tragically) returned to office there.
   But, you know something? I don't think Clinton has anything to fear. It's suddenly become politically correct for both pseudo progressives and lumpen in general to declare themselves unhappy with the direction America is going. But it has NOT become politically correct yet for them to know what they're talking about, and they certainly don't, and neither does Hillary Clinton, who's promising to make health care (she says, but she means health insurance, just like always) more "accessible." Whoopie! If the media chiefs know what a real change of direction might be, their mission in life will remain to keep such stuff covered up, and even if Bernie Sanders has an inkling - so what? He's a twit who hasn't got the nerve even to promise America socialized medicine or to immediately close Guantanamo. Can you imagine him going to Havana and talking to Fidel and Raul about honest U.S. membership in CELAC?
   HEY! Do YOU know what I'm talking about? Do you actually know about CELAC? Hmm? Well, maybe you do, and IF you do, I'm sorry for being rude, but IF you do, you're one in a thousand, and I'm not trying to win a popularity contest here. My compulsion is to tell the truth, and the truth is there's no revolution coming to America.
-Glen Roberts

How "democracy" still doesn't work in America

   Also 2 Jun 2016:   Relevant to the Democratic primary in California coming up next week, I wrote the following while I was in Cuba 10 years ago watching a more honest election there:
-Glen Roberts

Obama learns nothing new in Cuba;
proves to Cubans he still thinks he's the plantation boss

   25 Mar 2016: So Barack Obama spent the night in Havana and talked through his hat from the scene so anyone fool enough to fall for it would think that, since his feet were on Cuban soil, he must know what he was talking about.
   But he didn't. He was only there over night, and, just as I predicted (see below), he did nothing but recite the official story lines he brought with him. And very Obama-like, even though he kept saying he was there to "talk to the Cuban people," (a stupidly intended putdown to the government), he didn't even do that.
   According to Granma, his wife met and listened to some university women, who told her a thing or two that she certainly didn't know, so maybe she told Obama what she learned. Maybe. But HE didn't apparently learn a thing.
   He didn't do anything, either, except LIE big time (either stupidly or cynically - take your choice) when he said in world-wide headlines that"Cuba has nothing to fear from the United States."
   Hey! He's talking about an island cursed with a 100-year-old American marine base ON ITS SOIL, where naval warships constantly sit within easy artillery range of the Cuban city of Guantanamo. He's talking about the most recent place in the world where a CIA Twitter/Facebook plot was revealed (even by the NY Times) to subvert the Cuban Revolution by using social media to con enough dissidents into the street to draw fire so that NATO could bomb the place to rubble, exactly as they did (with Obama's full complicity) in Libya and then in Syria.
   The world will have LESS (not nothing) to fear from the United States when America disarms, stops electing potential war-lords like Obama and Hillary Clinton as CINCs, and starts electing progressive leaders instead.
-Glen Roberts

Obama will "play" big-shot in Cuba,
while stupidly reciting the same ol' official story!

   18 Mar 2016:   Barack Obama, unless he does a lot of homework all day Saturday (like reading most of this site) will arrive in Cuba Sunday as just a typically ignorant U.S. president, not possessing but possessed BY talking points provided by insidious State Department and NY Times official-story minders
   Don't trust anything he says or that embedded reporters with him say. Take the news with a lot of salt from this site.   -Glen Roberts

Worn out politics-as-usual story
blocks out Bernie Sanders' meek effort to make real history

  14-17 Feb 2016:   Even though it's too little, too late, to an honest reporter, the only possible news angle in the turgid flow of same ol' election sludge afflicting American voters for the umpteenth year in a row should be Bernie Sanders' too timid venture out of the eternal official-story darkness into the light of real day for a change, but... no...
   The NY Times' fairy tale reflected by all the "news" media in the land stays stubbornly focused on their pre-planned tale of the fortunes (even when not so fortunate) of America's long-ago pre-selected first woman war-lord. Most of the pictures are still of Hillary (sometimes with Bill); the first 5-10 paragraphs are almost always all about Hillary; current blather about Donald whatsisname (expediently predestined to lose) is only a cynical side-show meant to keep up Americans' illusions that something democratic is happening; while any slightly begrudged view of her democratic "opponent"'s too-timidly, too-tentatively historic platform splinter is as always kept as dim as Sanders' own defensively squint-eyed view of himself.
   Anyway, take it from me, it's in the bag: America's and the world's two most important issues will not be addressed for awhile yet. The ugly capitalist system will stay untouchable and (don't let the calculated use of p.c. buzz phrases like climate change fool you) the REAL AND COMPREHENSIVE collapse of the ecosystem will remain unmentionable - for now - eventually the bag will burst, of course - but, for now, profit producing GROWTH will remain on its altar.
   Sanders, before he slunk for more comfortably popular Democratic cover, only a teensy- weensy bit more boldly called himself a Democratic-socialist. In fact, he was then (as he still is) just a liberal, just as afraid then (as he still is) to pronounce the word communist. Like a heat-seeking fellow gopher, rather than risk the frightening honesty that I (for instance) enjoy (admittedly all by myself), he hopes, instead (not very much differently from Obama), for the warm embrace of other American liberals - the ones who very dishonestly call themselves progressives and whom I call pseudo-progressives who, in 1990, traded whatever integrity they almost had in the 80's for a sheep-skin PRO-democracy coat and, like the gophers hiding in Raymond Chandler's plush capitalist carpets, haven't very boldly poked their teensy-weensy little noses up since.
   So (1), just like his hoped-for liberal constituency, just as he can't SAY the word communism, he can't SAY the phrase socialized medicine, either, but must politically correctly (the religion of the American left) settle for euphemisms like single-payer system, thus earning Hillary Clinton's stupid but workable contempt, because, while money has nothing to do with honest socialized medicine in Cuba, in the capitalist jungle toward which Sanders hasn't the courage to wave an honest ax, thanks to Obama, it would cost the necessarily multiple payers more than ever before. When she's stupidly right, she's stupidly right. An equally stupid NY Times pundit recently sneered at those who want to abolish capitalism (I don't know who he was talking about unless it was me) and rhetorically got away with it because the American liberals whose votes Sanders seeks don't have the philosophical guts to boldly demand the abolition of capitalism.
   Nor (2) will they nor therefore he dare to wave any braver environmental flag than the long-faded environmentalism tag Americans safely believe indicates only a nice sweet little "special interest," slightly starched with already semi-newly anointed (and safely stupid) buzz words and phrases like sustainable, global warming, and climate change. Oh, Sanders will puff up his little chest and talk (SAFELY boldly) about desalinizing the sea and erecting long lines of windmills and recycling any plastic that business interests are willing to sacrifice. But no p.c. pro(stupid)democracy pseudo-progressive (like Sanders) is about to publicly damn or call for the end of sacredly profitable GROWTH itself or threaten his financial betters' security with any UNanointed reference to the actual but still unmentionable general collapse of our eco-world, or yank the plastic tape off his mouth (if he has an honest mouth under the tape) and blame even any mentionable crisis on overGROWTH of human population, human habitat and human business, and human over-use of toxic excess tech (the bread and butter of his principal nerd supporters). It won't happen.
   No way, folks. Even though Bernie Sanders is the best (worst) choice you're being allowed (HEY, I'M TELLING YOU: SINCE YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ELSE, VOTE FOR BERNIE SANDERS, NOT HILLARY, AND DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT DONALD DUCK OR WHATEVER HIS NAME IS), the two REALLY main problems you're unconsciously facing - the domination of our world by pro-poverty capitalism and the imminent doom of our eco-world due to OVERGROWTH - are not about to be confronted by any hoping-to-be-electable politician, including Bernie Sanders. That kind of never-celebrated, voter-unfriendly (clearly not pro-democracy) intellectual courage will continue to be left to guys like me safely isolated over here in the capitalist and capitalist-nerd (AND DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY) preserved shadows.
   And me? I don't vote; I'm not sure I can since I'm not on Facebook; but I don't consider myself American, anway (the author of the 14th Amendment didn't ask me if I wanted to be); I have a hard time believing I'm human. Six months ago, I predicted, in a moment of desperate hope, that really real buzz words and phrases like too many people; economic and social (but not political) equality; let's dump capitalism; and forget democracy; let's finally let smart people run things were about to go viral. I was wrong. And now, with the lumpen and their lumpen leaders still as religiously buried in denial of anything real, I'm so fed up that I'm thinking about taking an axe to my computer.

-Glen Roberts

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