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World's end

    There are a lot of people who call themselves progressives who don't understand the following:

 World: could mean several things, including planet, but the planet isn't apparently nearing its end. Here, world means a construct of substances and conditions (stuff and circumstance) draped over the planet, extending a little below and a little above the surface, like a slightly inflated baggy, without which the thin surface smear of living vegetable and animal scum called life on earth cannot survive. This construct (the scum bag, or eco-system) is not flimsy and can even self adjust considerably, so the fate of this or that individual species may not be critical at all, but the over-all construct is more vulnerable than the planet it clings to, its viability as a life host does ultimately depend on its proportionate make-up as a construct, and with one cancerous ingredient (the human race and the human encampment, including all its side effects) already way overgrown and still growing wildly out of proportion, it - the world - is very obviously crashing. It's not going to stop crashing without draconian measures being taken - which aren't being taken - and won't be taken - and probably should have been taken long ago. And since all of humanity is in total denial about this - deaf, blind, speechless, and immobile - it's a done deal. (Also see Ecological Analysis

-Glen Roberts